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The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is a trading card game released by Square Enix featuring Final Fantasy characters. Similar to other trading card games, players build decks of cards and battle each other using them.

The game was originally released exclusively in Japan as the Chapter series, which ranged from 2011 to 2015 and spawned a total of 1898 cards. In 2016 Square Enix announced the Opus series, which can be seen as a reboot of the original Chapter series. Although they share many similarities in rules and cards, both are different games and cards from one cannot be used on another.

The new Opus series marked the official release of the card game in North America and Europe for the first time, with the first card set being released in English on October 28, 2016, featuring 216 unique cards. It was also released in Japan later that year on December 9.

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