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BANDAI One Piece: Ultra Deck - The Three Brothers (ST-13)

BANDAI One Piece: Ultra Deck - The Three Brothers (ST-13)

One Piece

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All the included cards are holographic!
A new deck themed the Three Brothers, featuring Ace, Sabo, and Luffy, makes its debut!

Ace, Sabo, Luffy, the three brothers appear as all new leader cards!

  • -The Three Brothers--The Three Brothers--The Three Brothers-

Enjoy card battle with all new unique strategies!

Also include characters that have deep ties with the three brothers!

  • -The Three Brothers-
  • -The Three Brothers-
  • -The Three Brothers-

Display your prowess by using cards that synergizes with the leader cards of the three brothers!

Each box of this product comes with a bonus pack!
Collect these parallel cards that are only available in this product!

  • Normal

    -The Three Brothers-
  • Parallel

    -The Three Brothers-

Products Name

ULTRA DECK -The Three Brothers- [ST-13]

Release Date

APRIL 19, 2024


  • ・Constructed Deck x1 (51 cards)
  • ・Alternative Leader Card x2
  • ・DON!! Cards x10
  • ・Playsheet x1
  • ・Card Case x1
  • ・Bonus Pack x1 (3 cards, 16 types in total)

*The Bonus Pack's cards are alternate designs of the card types included in the deck.

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