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Vault X: Slim Semi-Rigid Card Holders (200 Pack)

Vault X: Slim Semi-Rigid Card Holders (200 Pack)

Vault X

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200 high clarity, durable slim semi-rigid card sleeves for sports & trading cards. Internal pocket size 72mm x 97mm providing great protection for all standard size cards. Made from stationary grade, card safe PVC. 

PROTECT - Vault X Slim Semi Rigids provide the best protection for grading submissions. Made from a semi-flexible, durable and archive safe PVC. During transport cards are kept securely in place, preventing scratches and dinks.

EASY ACCESS - These TCG card holders have been designed to provide easy insertion and removal of your cards. Pair with Vault X Soft Sleeves for perfect grading and archiving protection.

SAFE - Vault X Slim Semi-Rigids are made from stationery grade PVC containing no plasticizers or stearates. This high quality PVC does not migrate and will not harm your cards.

SIZE - Internal Dimensions 72mm x 97mm. Suitable for cards up to 55pt.

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